Nublu 151

8pm Hungerwork Productions Presents:





SPACEPILOT (Elias Meister, Leo Genovese, Joe Hertenstein)



Grey McMurray (Solo)

Brandon Seabrook - Die Trommel Fatale



11pm & 1am

Ilhan Ersahin, Josh Werner, Stephane San Juan


8pm Garcia Peoples Nublu Residency #4


Group Pass

11pm - 4am Justin Brown Late Night Flow wit Friends


Studio 151 (2nd fl):

11pm Wise Guys... Booker Mitchell

8pm Young Bull is not and Individual Tour

w/ Linda Diaz

Elijah Fox-Peck


11pm Private Party

Studio 151 (2nd fl): 

10pm Paolo Cicilioni (DJ set)



Another Halloween Party


8pm Masters of Brazilian Music

Benefit Concert for Marianne Ebert's Healing ft Miho Nobuzane, Cesar Vieira, Laura Dreyer, DJ Beco Dranoff, Marinho Nobre, Guilherme Monteiro, Valtinho Anastacio, Maucha AdnetSG: Soli, Romi Abe, Carlos Oliveira, Bebel Gilberto & More! Ticket


11pm Tono Trio  Ticket

8pm Adam Holzman & Brave New World ft Adam Holzman - keys, Ofer Assaf - Sax, Jane Getter - Guitar, Freddy Cash - bass, Gene Lake - drums Ticket

10pm & Midnight (9pm Doors)

Producer Mondays with Ray Angry  and The Council of Goldfinger, Spinning Frei Speech & Co. Celebrating Diani Eshe Cali Tape EP Release w/ SG Talib Kweli Ticket

Nublu 62


Yes we're open!


Yes we're open!


Yes we're open!


Yes we're open!


Private Event


Fear and Loathing on Ave C

The Oddysy

The Essex


Vinyl Only

August, 18-19-20-21-22

Hessismore: "Myheadisaballroom / Whoneedsapalaceanyway"

Album Release Concert Series in New York, August 18-22. 


In between performances at The Kennedy Center (DC) and The Royal Theatre (CPH) Hessismore will celebrate the release of their new album with 5 consecutive nights at good old Nublu! 

A unique chance to experience the full transatlantic 8 piece ensemble live in concert - at their return to the intimate club where they played their very first US concert back in 2008. 


“Myheadisaballroom / Whoneedsapalaceanyway” is the first Hessismore album to feature the full live ensemble. 

The music was assembled during the group's residency at The Clocktower Gallery and recorded mostly “live to tape” in Midnight Sun Studio by W. Andrew Raposo (Midnight Magic). 

Upon hearing the new album, Scott Hull, a veteran mastering engineer who has worked with everyone from Lou Reed and John Zorn to Bruce Springsteen and Edie Brickell, said, “There was just one track that reminded me of something I have worked on before.”

So, as far as genre and stuff like that it might be best that you form your own opinion by checking out this track preview:

Or, just come out to the concerts and figure it out on the spot!



Thanks + Hej


9pm - Listening Center (Live Solo)

9:45pm - Nikolaj Hess plays Hessismore (Solo Piano)

10pm - Hessismore (Live Full Band)


A variety of DJ sets by members of: 2S and 4S, Youthfaire, Lowbrow Reader / Jay Ruttenberg, Midnight Magic, San Fermin, Low Mentality.


Michael Hanf - Vibraphone & gang vocals

Matt Parker - Saxophone, clarinet, SH101 & gang vocals

Pavel Kogan - Guitar & gang vocals

David Mason - Electric drums & gang vocals

Rasmus Bille Bahncke - SH101 & gang vocals

Andrew Raposo - 6 stringed instrument & gang vocals

Nikolaj Hess - Fender Rhodes & gang vocals

Mikkel Hess - Drums & vocal 





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